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Bath Size Guide

Precious towels with hand embroidery to dress your bathroom. Illuminate your bathroom with valuable fabrics, lace and hand embroidery for your pleasure and that of your guests. A joyful and refined ambience to make your rooms and your world unique.
Embroidered and initialed towels: your Luxury Linen with Artisan Embroidery to enhance the value of Your bathroom.
BATH SHEET39” x 70”39” x 59”39” x 59”39” x 59”
HAND TOWEL24” x 43”24” x 43”24” x 43”30” x 58”
GUEST TOWEL16” x 24”16” x 24 ”16” x 24”20” x 30”
WASH CLOTH12” x 12”12” x 12”12” x 12”12” x 12”
BATH MAT21” x 34”24” x 35”21” x 34”20” x 35”
For our customers there is also a personalized and made to measure service, you can choose between different combinations of fabrics, finishes and colors.
Do not hesitate to ask for information on our tailor-made service