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Yachts & Linen

Everybody’s free time has become a luxury nowadays. People who choose to spend their holidays aboard a yacht wish to pay increased attention to quality and comfort.

Once the sailing is over for the day and the anchor has been cast in a harbour or a quay, the time has come to relax.

Sleeping covered by soft sheets, drying off with a gentle towel after a shower, enjoying a good meal at a table adorned with elegant napkins: small gestures that add pleasure to your free time.

To make these moments even more enjoyable, GRAZIA GIACHI Yachts & Linen offers a line of coordinated items for the bed, bath and table, created thanks to the expertise of a company that has been producing sophisticated and fine linen for the home for many years. Combining a love for the sea and tradition, this linen will accompany you on a journey of tranquillity and great pleasure.