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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Welcome to our website GRAZIAGIACHI.it. Please read our Privacy Policy to which please refer to each time you visit the site GRAZIA GIACHI fields, which you navigate through its pages, or use its services, regardless of whether or not to purchase products. The owner of the data collected on the site is Lie Grace & Co. S.A.S. Angela Aglietti, with headquarters in Greve in Chianti (Florence) Italy, Piazza Matteotti 31, (hereinafter “GRAZIA GIACHI”) independently determining the purposes and methods of data processing and the adoption of safety procedures designed to ensure privacy, integrity and availability of data collected .

Any comments, questions or requests the use of personal data by GRAZIA GIACHI can be directed to our customer service (0039 055 8544671).

For GRAZIA GIACHI is extremely important to protect the personal data of customers and visitors of the site (for example, identification data) as well as financial information (eg credit card number) issued by them. For this reason GRAZIA GIACHI adopts specific policies and security measures to protect your personal information. Below are given the information by GRAZIA GIACHI fields that allow you and all visitors to the site to be fully informed on the GRAZIA GIACHI Policy on privacy. At a time when you visit and use GRAZIA GIACHI.it you agree and authorize the procedures described in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions set out in the relevant section of the site.

GRAZIA GIACHI claims not to proceed with the collection of personal data of minors (under 18 years of age). If you are under 18 years, before making an order of GRAZIA GIACHI.it you are invited to make known to a parent or guardian of the Privacy Policy and Terms of GRAZIA GIACHI and Conditions above.

Policy on privacy – Disclosure of personal data

The communication of personal data to GRACE lie when asked in the various cases in which they are collected on this site is essential for the purposes stated in the communication itself. In the event that the requested information is not provided in a comprehensive manner will not be able to proceed with the online application and therefore the organization GRAZIA GIACHI will not be able to process the request.

The communication GRAZIA GIACHI other data in addition to those required is optional and will not produce any result on the primary purpose for which personal data is collected.

Customer rights

At any time you can ask GRAZIA GIACHI to declare, in a clear and understandable, if your data is present or not in the database of GRAZIA GIACHI is located. E ‘can also ask GRAZIA GIACHI source retrieval of personal data, the purposes and methods of preparation thereof, are the criteria adopted in the use of electronic data processing, you can also oppose, for whole or in part, for reasons based, processing of personal data about you.

You can also ask GRAZIA GIACHI coat of:

  1. Update, modify and integrate their personal data;
  2. Cancel, transform into anonymous form or block your personal data if they are processed in violation of the law.

To obtain the deletion of his name and personal data from the database of GRAZIA GIACHI can also call 0039 055 8544671.

Principles of the Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the effects of Legislative Decree 196/03 (Code regarding personal data protection), note that the information is collected for the following purposes:

  • performance of obligations arising from a contract to which you are party or to fulfill, before the contract to your specific requests;
  • execute the relevant law, regulation, legislation;
  • management and administration of suppliers (administration of contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, selections according to company requirements, evaluation of suppliers for ISO 9001/2000, the management of litigation);
  • customer management (customer administration, administration of contracts, orders, shipments and invoices, monitoring and solvency. selections according to requirements);
  • management of litigation (warnings; transactions, debt collection, arbitration, litigation, etc);
  • In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data is carried out through the paper and computer, and in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and the full observance of the Law. This information is provided for the data collected directly from the data subject (Article 13, c.1).

The conferment of data is sometimes:

  • mandatory according to law, regulation, legislation, and in these cases, your refusal to respond will result in our inability to fulfill the contract;
  • conditioned by the ability to effectively carry out its contractual obligations;

in these cases, your refusal will affect the quality and effectiveness of performance; The above information may be disclosed only to the subject categories listed below:

  • institution or other items of mail delivery companies;
  • banks and credit institutions;
  • law firms;
  • public bodies for the purposes of the law, regulation and legislation;
  • companies, consultants and professionals responsible for implementing specific performance

Will not be disclosed and may be brought to the attention of the administrative staff of the company, the technicians in charge for maintenance and / or repair of electronic equipment and software, professional studies and / or companies that provide us with certain accounting services and / or tax etc. .. In accordance with art. 7 of the Code, in addition to the information contained in this statement, you have the right:

  1. Will not be disclosed and may be brought to the attention of the administrative staff of the company, the technicians in charge for maintenance and / or repair of equipment ead to confirm, in an intelligible way, the existence of personal data with us;
  2. to obtain the updating, correction or integration of data or block / cancellation for violation of law or ceased conservation necessity;
  3. to oppose the processing for legitimate reasons;
How and why we process your personal data

The personal information disclosed to us may be processed by GRAZIA GIACHI, either manually or with the aid of electronic equipment, for the following purposes:
for processing the purchase order, in relation with the order placed online and for activities related to accounting and tax;
for the management of correspondence and communications service, to fulfill and ship orders; to verify that the data for
the transaction is complete, valid, fair and free plotters fraudulent; to subscribe for specific additional services, such as
the newsletter and other newsletters GRAZIA GIACHI activities of GRAZIA GIACHI lies; for carrying out marketing activities, market research and statistics.
When processing personal data which may, directly or indirectly, identify the goal of GRAZIA GIACHI is to stick to the principle of minimum necessary. For this reason, GRAZIA GIACHI field has set up this site so as to minimize the use of personal data: therefore, no personal data are processed when the purpose of a particular activity can be achieved by using anonymous data.

GRAZIA GIACHI permitted to use personal data for sending advertising of its products and services only after the explicit consent of the user.

The database of “customers with lies” is the exclusive property of GRAZIA GIACHI is available and can be shared with other companies in the GRAZIA GIACHI Group is located. GRAZIA GIACHI claims not to sell, lease, use or disclose the names, addresses, e-mail address or other personal information of customers to entities other than GRAZIA GIACHI, except where disclosure is required by law or is necessary for the purposes provided by law, for which no consent is required of the person, in which case the data may be made ​​available to third parties who develop independently and exclusively for such purposes.

For the maintenance of the website and for the provision of electronic commerce services and communication to their clients, GRAZIA GIACHI collaborates with selected third party companies. If necessary, personal information may be processed by these third parties, only if it is instrumental to the third part of this collaboration with GRAZIA GIACHI and subject to strict confidentiality restrictions of a contractual nature, the data can also be communicated to the consultants who assist in the management of GRAZIA GIACHI electronic transaction (mainly Internet service providers, shipping companies), banks and credit verification company.

It ‘possible that GRAZIA GIACHI fields are to process personal data to third parties, communicated directly to GRAZIA GIACHI by its users, such as when a user purchases a product to be delivered to another person, or when the person who pays a product is different from the final recipient of the product itself. And ‘however, the user being required to obtain the consent of such person before communicating personal data to GRAZIA GIACHI deposits and inform you of the Privacy Policy.


Il sito GRAZIA GIACHI utilizza i cookie per tracciare il tuo carrello; GRAZIA GIACHI utilizza i cookie per fornire contenuti specifici per i tuoi interessi.


GRAZIA GIACHI only collect personally identifiable information only to the extent reasonably necessary to serve it end is a view of its legitimate business purposes as set out above, and adopt security measures that can minimize the risk of destruction or loss data, even accidental – to prevent unauthorized access, unlawful processing of data and processing that does not conform to the purposes of data collection as indicated in this Privacy Policy. However, although GRAZIA GIACHI COMMITMENTS is to take all reasonable steps to protect personal information, you acknowledge explicitly that we can not guarantee the security of data transmission over the Internet with respect to any access to them by unauthorized third parties , thus relieving GRAZIA GIACHI lies from any and all liability for any breach of security unless this is not caused by negligence. GRAZIA GIACHI invites you to verify that the computer from which you surf is equipped with a suitable security software for data transmission, both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems).

Updates Policy on Privacy of GRAZIA GIACHI

GRAZIA GIACHI field has the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy in whole or in part a result of any changes to legislation and rules governing the matter and protect your rights. These changes and updates to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to the users of the page Privacy Policy as soon as introduced. GRACE GIAC invites you to check this page.


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