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Guaranteed Quality Made in Italy

Luxury lingerie and linen “Made in Italy”

Creation and production of hand embroidery “Made in Italy”

100% Made in Italy for authentic fabrics and clothes of the finest quality.



Cotton is a textile fibre obtained from the cotton plant. This very strong fibre makes it possible to create clothes that stand the test of time and withstand various types of stress. Even very bright colours resist the standard wear and tear caused by time. The yarn is smooth and shiny and offers a softness that no other fabric can guarantee. All of this makes cotton a high quality yarn.

Grazia Giachi uses Swiss batiste cotton.
Batiste is a very finelightsmooth and shiny type of cotton, made of woven linen. Particularly suitable for the creation of lingerieclotheshandkerchiefs and shirts.


Linen is the oldest, most fascinating textile fibre. Symbol of divine purity for the ancient Egyptians, linen has always held high its emblem as a superior quality natural fibre.
This fibre is considered superior also for furnishing fabrics, table linenbed linen, and bathroom and kitchen linen.

Grazia Giachi uses linen from Northern Italy produced by small linen mills and 100% Made in Italy.

Very fine linen yarn is used to make Valenciennes Lace of French origin, the motifs of which are of particular value. The Valenciennes lace used by Grazia Giachi is exclusively Swiss or French.


Silk is a protein-based fibre used to make very valuable fabrics.
Clothes made of silk were originally reserved for the Chinese emperors. Later, silk became a luxury item much sought after for its lightness and beauty extending much further.

Grazia Giachi uses exclusively silk from Como produced by small silk mills. Silk crafting has a historical tradition in the city of Como, the home of textile excellence.

Silk organza is a light and transparent fabric, used to make women’s clothing characterised by a mother-of-pearl effect and a very slight stiffness.

The organza used by Grazia Giachi to make her precious clothes is exclusively Swiss.


Wool is a natural textile fibre which is very warm and soft to the touch. Wool fabrics are made by entwining the yarn and weaving. Wool is a very easy fibre to dye and is greatly appreciated for its elasticity.
It is used with silk to create finely made clothes, or with cotton and linen to produce undergarments.