A love for the beautiful and the particular

My mother Grazia Giachi began embroidering at the tender age of 8 years. Her mother, Grandmother Gentile, and hergrandmother, Great-grandmother Vittoria, both highly skilled embroiderers taught my mother everything they knew andhanded down to her all their passion for this glorious art.

At a very young age, she opened her atelier in Chianti, with the constant support of my father Osvaldo: a magical placefilled with the finest fabrics, age-old designs and multicoloured threads, a vibrant atmosphere that I relished since mychildhood.

The clients were already prestigious in that era: I remember the trousseaus created for the prime donne and the royaltyof the time, fully hand-crafted creations with the finest embroidery and refined fabrics.

Today, Grazia Giachi is a brand that communicates important values, love for its origins and traditions. Our creationsare handcrafted and made solely in our ateliers located in Florence. We only use natural Italian fabrics and threads. Imake the design choices personally, drawing upon the legacy of designs set aside through generations.

Our philosophy of “only the beautiful and the particular” looks to the future and the needs of modern everyday life. Westrive to offer the very best to all those who purchase our creations so that they live surrounded by beauty andexclusiveness. Without ever losing sight of our past, our history from which ideas and new collections stem every day.

In recent years, international trade fairs and events have asserted and recognised the image of GRAZIA GIACHI due to itsquality, elegance and originality. The passion for our work rewards us every day, as we encounter the loyalty of ourmyriad prestigious clients from all over the world.

Our linen, lingerie and collections for yachts and hospitality,creations fully handcrafted in our ateliers in Florence, are sold to eminent figures in the worlds of publishing,finance and cinema such as actress Penelope Cruz. They are also selected by prestigious boutiques and renowned interiordesigners for luxurious residences and international hotels.

Our philosophy will continue to adhere to our original principles, without ever yielding to choices of a purelyfinancial nature.

Our life is this glorious work, for which I am grateful to my mother for having given it to me.

Chianti 1942


Me drawing a model

Mom and Me